September 22, 2014 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

Event Overview

Warren Buffett was quoted "How will you ever see eye to eye if you're never face to face?"

The 2014 High Performance Computing Shows for Wall Street will provide the opportunity to meet face to face 800 Wall Street executives at the convenient and affordable Roosevelt Hotel, 11th Annual September 22, Monday event.

Technology is changing the way Wall Street does business.

This 11th Annual show provides live on the show floor technology demonstrations. The conference provides knowledgeable speakers sharing their Wall Street experience. The event provides networking and person-to-person collaboration.

Our Gold Sponsors include Intel, HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, AMD, DataDirect Networks, Corvil, Red Hat, Forsythe, Myricom, SGI, SuperMicro, Arista, Sybase, Appro, among other leading Wall Street providers.

Past exhibitors will receive priority in exhibit space. Make your plans to join us now. Booth rental cost remains the same at $4k – no increase in 2012 – with a complete package of services.

Gold Sponsorships at $15k with the opportunity to speak on the program.

The Roosevelt Hotel at Madison Avenue and East 45th Street is next to Grand Central Station and is convenient to major midtown financial headquarters including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and other major firms.

The Roosevelt is a no-hassle hotel where exhibitors can do their own work.

Gold Sponsors


Red Hat
Cisco Systems
DataDirect Networks

Super Micro Computer, Inc. Sybase

Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Silver Sponsors

Media Sponsors

HP Wire Datanami
Linux Journal
Linux Pro Magazine Windows in Financial Services
Wall Street Technology Association

Sept 9, 2013 Speakers

Rick Alm
Executive Director, High Performance Engineering
Morgan Stanley
Read Rick Alm's Bio

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum,
Managing Director, Global Risk and Trading Systems
Bank of America, New York, NY.
Read Jeffrey M. Birnbaum's Bio

Steve Bologna
Principal Consultant, Global FSI Solutions Group
Sybase, an SAP Company
Read Steve Bologna's Bio

Henry Chien
TABB Group
Read Henry Chien's Bio

Rob Cornish
IT Strategy and Infrastructure Officer, ISE
Read Joseph Curley's Bio

Joseph Curley
Director, Technical Computing Marketing
Intel Corporation
Read Joseph Curley's Bio

Aron Dutta
Senior Director and Global Head, Financial Markets Strategy
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Read Aron Dutta's Bio

Thomas Fay
Vice President, Global Software Development
Read Thomas Fay's Bio

Lee Fisher
HP Worldwide FSI-HPC Business Development, Boston, MA
Read Lee Fisher's Bio

Egan Ford
IBM Executive IT Specialist
IBM Corporation
Read Egan Ford's Bio

Blake Gonzales
HPC Computer Scientist
Dell, Inc
Read Blake Gonzales's Bio

Douglas Gourlay
Vice President of Marketing
Arista Networks
Read Douglas Gourlay's Bio

Scott Hall
Managing Director, Americas Sales
Read Scott Hall's Bio

Robert Hegarty
Managing Director, Global Head of Market Structure
Thomson Reuters
Read Robert Hegarty' Bio

Matt Hicks
A Founding Member
Red Hat OpenShift Team
Read Matt Hicks' Bio

Michael Jackson
President, Adaptive Computing
Read Michael Jackson's Bio

Paul Jameson
Global Senior Director, Financial Services
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Read Paul Jameson's Bio

Larry Jones
DataDirect Networks
Read Larry Jones' Bio

Dave Malik
Director, Solutions Architecture
Cisco's Advanced Services Organization
Read Dave Malik's Bio

Jay Muelhoefer
Vice President, Platform Computing
Read Jay Muelhoefer's Bio

Chad Mynhier
Master consultant,
Forsythe Technology, Inc
Read Chad Mynhier's Bio

Don Newell
Vice President, Server Chief Technology Officer
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Read Don Newell's Bio

Feargal O'Sullivan
Vice President of Platform Development
NYSE Technologies, New York, NY
Read Feargal O'Sullivan's Bio

Paul Rowady
Senior Analyst
TABB Group
Read Paul Rowady's Bio

David Rubio
Forsythe Technology, Inc.
Read David Rubio's Bio

Raymond Russell
CTO & Co-Founder
Read Raymond Russell's Bio

Michael J. Ryan,
Senior Vice President/Senior Architect, Infrastructure Strategy & Architecture
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Read Michael J. Ryan's Bio

Jos Schmitt
CEO, Alpha Group
Read Jos Schmitt's Bio

Paul Skoog
PTP Product Marketing Manager
Symmetricom, Inc.
Read Paul Skoog's Bio

J. Barry Thompson
Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tervela
Read J. Barry Thompson's Bio

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
Securities Technology Monitor
Read Tom Steinert-Threlkeld's Bio

Nancy Turbe
Capital Markets Practice Lead,
EMC Consulting
Read Nancy Turbe's Bio

Jens von der Heide
Barclays Capital
Read Jens von der Heide's Bio

J.D. Zeeman
WW Sales Executive, HPC Financial Markets & Cloud Computing, IBM
Read J.D. Zeeman's Bio