September 13, 2018 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

The Next Big Game Changer.

2017 Conference Program.

7:30 - 8:30 am Registration and Coffee Service in the Exhibits.
8 – 4 pm Exhibits open with exclusive show viewing times.

Accelerating FSI Workloads with Artificial Intelligence (HPE & NVIDIA)

• How artificial intelligence is changing the FSI market
• HPE’s strategy to address these changes
• NVIDIA & HPE Collaboration around Deep Learning

Lacee McGee
, Sr Product Manager, FSI Vertical Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Justin Hodgson, Sr Account Manager, Financial Services, NVIDIA
Karthik Lalithraj, Principal Solutions Architect, Kinetica


9:30- 10:15 am Session 2 Keynote Session

Accelerated Technology for High Frequency Trading and other FSI workloads (HPE & Intel)

• Next gen accelerated technology
• HPE and Intel’s strategy for FSI workloads
• Guidance for crafting the optimal solution

Lacee McGee, Sr Product Manager, FSI Vertical Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Chuck Newman, Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Russ Fromkin, Americas HPC and HPDA Sales Director, Intel Corporation
Intel speaker to be announced

10:15 - 11:00 am Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

11:00 - 12 noon Session 3 General Session

HPC Innovation in the FinTech Market

HPC, Cloud and data storage technology are changing the way Capital Markets do business. Optimizing costs for these changes will challenge IT managing directors. What are the decision matrices to move these innovators forward?

Moiz Kohari
, SVP, Global Chief Technology Architect, State Street Corporation (Invited)
Harvey Stein, Head of Quantitative Risk Analytics, Bloomberg
Dino Vitale, TD Securities
Sean Hafeez, Director, Apstra

Session 4
12:00-1:00 pm Luncheon for Conference Registrants Terrace Ballroom (Lobby Level)
Network with colleagues in a congenial luncheon period.
1:00-1:30 pm Coffee and Dessert Ser vice in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing times.

1:30-2:20 pm Session 5 General Session

High Performance Storage – Where is it Headed?

Private, public, hybrid Cloud are all attractive options for the Capital Markets, and each has advantages as
well as shortcomings. Where is HPC storage headed in the next six months? Hear from these recognized
storage leaders who will be sharing their views of what’s ahead.

Moderator Asaf Wachtel, VP Business Development, Mellanox Technologies
Piyush Chaudhary, Sr Technical Staff Member, IBM
Robert Peglar, SVP & CTO, Symboic IO
Brad Spiers, Sr Technical Advisor, Micron Technology Inc
Narendra Narang, Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

2:20-2:30 pm Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

2:00-2:45 pm Session 6 General Session

Accelerate Unchanged Spark Code with FPGAs and SSDs


Learn to reduce time to insight by changing your hardware.

Brad Spiers, Sr Technical Advisor, Micron Technology, Inc


2:30-3:20 pm Session 6A General Session

Outsourcing High Performance Infrastructure in The HFT Ecosystem

In the past, market advantage was fueled by driving execution latencies lower with many of the gains coming from higher performance networking. Today, however, improvements in network latency performance have slowed due to a deceleration of latency gains in networking processors as well as the limitations of the speed of light. This has resulted in the commoditization of infrastructure. As the latency gains from the infrastructure continue to equalize, an opportunity to outsource the last of the high-performance infrastructure to a third party becomes viable. Additionally, sophisticated support services such as precision timing are becoming offerings from third parties. Fully utilizing these services allows the firm to concentrate its resources on the algorithms, new media content, and heuristic processing to better advantage the firm in the market. Today we will discuss the drivers to commoditization of the infrastructure as well as a holistic environment to support advanced trading methodologies.

Andrew Bach
, Senior Technology Advisor, Pico Trading
Matt Cushman, CEO of Engineers Gate Market Technologies, Pico

3:20-4 pm Beverage Service in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.
4 pm Exhibits Conclude. Conference Continues:

4-4:50 pm Session 7 General Session

Change Management in Today’s FinTech World.

Putting all the pieces together. How to manage change from machine learning and AI to networks over longer and longer distances, to
storage technology and increased throughput.

Ed Turkel
, HPC Strategist, Dell EMC (Invited)
Jason Warman, Director of Engineering, Financial Services,
Aspera, an IBM company
David Weber, Director Financial Services Industry, Lenovo

4:50 pm Conference Concludes.

Speakers and Program subject to change.