September 12, 2017 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

2014 Conference Program

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7:30 - 8:30 am Registration and Coffee Service in the Exhibits.
8 – 4 pm Exhibits open with exclusive show viewing times.

8:45 - 10 am Keynote Session
Session 1
High Performance with Reduced Operating Expense and Risk While
Capturing Revenue and Improving Agility.

Financial institutions are looking to improve agility while reducing operating expense, reducing risk and
reducing time of implementation.

Application centric infrastructure is dramatically reducing time to deploy, improving automated policy management,
increasing performance and simplifying and streamlining security. Join us to hear a panel of industry practitioners
covering ways to reduce operating expense, reduce risk, and capture revenues.

Moderator: Paul Jameson, Senior Director, Global Financial Services, Cisco Systems
Dave Malik, Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, Cisco Systems
Will Ochandarena, Director of Product Management at MapR
Mark Connolly, Financial Services Head, Tresata
Hash Basu-Choudhuri, Sales Engineering Director, Splunk

10 - 11 am Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

11 - 11:50 am General Session

Session 2
New – HPC Code Writing and Programming: Putting Technology to
Work to Increase Performance and Scale, Put-through, and Reduce
Latency in the Nano World.
This special session is sponsored by Database Month and will focus on performance and
scalable database techniques to improve application performance and multi core architecture.

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, Founder and CEO, 60East Technologies
Brian Bulkowski, CTO and Founder, Aerospike
Dan Lynn, Technical Strategist, CodeFutures
Moiz Kohari, Vice President - Advanced Platform Engineering, London Stock Exchange (invited)

12-1:00 pm Industry Luncheon for Conference Registrants

Session 3
Trading at the Speed of Light – How one firm featured in Michael Lewis’s “Flash Boys” competes in the
nano-second Wall Street marketplace.
Join us for lunch to hear from the former SEC official John Ramsay, who served as acting director of trading and markets at the
SEC, now at IEX Group Inc. IEX Group is a startup trading venue that is said to protect investors from predatory high-speed-trading tactics. It has hired a top former regulator to help with its efforts to transform IEX Group into a stock exchange

John Ramsay will describe one of his top assignments at IEX, to help in the complicated process of applying to the SEC to become an exchange. He will be working with Wall Street firms, brokers and exchanges.

John Ramsay, Chief Market Policy & Regulatory Officer, IEX Group

1-1:30 pm Coffee and Dessert Service in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

1:30-2:15 pm General Session

Session 4 -
Managing Big Data – Putting data driven programs to work for HPC trading and
operational analytics.
Global financial service firms are putting Big Data to work for HPC trading and operational analytics. The burgeoning
growth of Big Data and the continuing advances in storage, networks and computes are a constant, requiring
management systems to maintain budgets and performance.

Moderator: Phil Albinus, Editor Traders Magazine, SourceMedia
Frank Greco, Director of Technology, Kaazing Corporation
Dino Vitale, Director, Morgan Stanley Quality Assurance & Production Management (invited)
Harvey Stein, Head of Credit Risk Modeling, Bloomberg
David Rukshin, Chief Technology Officer, WorldQuant, LLC

2:15-2:30 pm Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

2:30-3:15 pm Concurrent Sessions (select one of two)

Session 5 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
Advancements in High Performance Trading: FPGA and Server Architecture.
Nano-second market data processing solutions are based on innovative matrix architecture, making real time financial
systems faster, more reliable, more scalable and cost-effective. Learn more on this speed of light program.

Moderator: Jeffrey Kutler, Editor-in-Chief, GARP Risk Professionals
Olivier Baetz, COO, NovaSparks
Vamsi Chemitiganti, Chief Architect, Red Hat
Mike Beller, CTO, Tradeworx
Wall Street Speakers to be announced

Session 6 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
New - Code Writing - Architecting for Global Scale
Basho Technologies is the developer of Riak, a distributed database that provide high availability and operational simplicity. Riak has rapidly gained adoption at Fortune 100 firms and has become the foundation of the world's fastest-growing web-based mobile and social network applications, as well as powering cloud service providers.

Come hear an innovating leader in code writing and programming provide an overview of the NoSQL space and what the HPC community can learn from Gaming, Mobile, and Social application as it relates to availability, latency, and geo-data locality.

Tyler Hannan, Director of Technical Marketing, Basho

3:15-4 pm Beverage Service in the Exhibits Last opportunity for exclusive show viewing.

4 pm Exhibits Conclude.

4-4:50 pm General Session.

Session 7
Low Latency, Big Data, Network Systems, Virtualization and Total Cost of Ownership: Interrelated
HPC Systems.
HPC solutions interrelate hyper-speed, reliable servers, storage, and network systems in best-in-class applications and deployment. Big Data platforms and ecosystems provide Hadoop unstructured data solutions and business analytic tools to solve customer problems with the Big Data explosion. Total cost of ownership is the key to successful deployment.

Nick Ciarleglio, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Arista Networks
Ramakrishna Karedla, Performance Architect, HPC/Financial Svcs, Intel
Ed Turkel, Manager, WW HPC Marketing, Hewlett-Packard
Dave Weber, Program Director, Wall Street Center of Excellence, Global Financial Markets, IBM
Nick Papadonis, Sr Software Performance Engineer, Oracle

4 pm Exhibits Conclude. 4:50 pm Conference Concludes