September 22, 2014 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

2013 Conference Program

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7:30 - 8:30 am Registration and Coffee Service in the Exhibits.

8 – 4 pm Exhibits open with exclusive show viewing times.

8:45 - 10 am Session 1 Keynote Session
Big Data and Cloud: Achieving Efficient Utilization of Resources. Building Out Shared Multi-Tenancy Environments.
High-performance computing (HPC) involves vast amounts of data and compute-intensive calculations. Financial Institutions
and a growing number of other companies need high application throughput and low latency for fast time-to-results, and flexible
ways of managing workloads. HPC, Clouds and other technology keep productivity high, resource utilization
maximized, and costs down. Explore the complexities involved in optimizing HPC and Big Data environments,
enabling these workloads to high performance and cost-efficiencies.

Moderator: Dave Weber, Program Director, Wall Street Center of Excellence, IBM Corporation
Dino Vitale, Director, Morgan Stanley Cross Technology Services (Invited)
Andrew Sheppard, Principal, Fountainhead
Yonggang Hu, Chief Architect – Application Middleware, IBM Platform Computing

10 - 11 am Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

11 - 11:50 am Concurrent Sessions (select one of two)

Session 2 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
Putting Big Pipes to Work: HPC and Nano-Speed Networks, Switches, Parallel Storage.
Successful global financial firms are putting high speed, Low Latency, networks, parallel storage, switches and
storage systems to optimize Big Data. The explosion of data mandates HPC and nano-speed systems to compute,
transact, transport and store data as never before. Learn about some steps that financial services firms are taking
to provide innovative solutions with tight budgets.

Moderator: Phil Albinus, Traders Magazine, SourceMedia
Jonathan Iwaszczuk, Data Center Solutions Architect, Arista Networks
Geoffrey Noer, Sr Director Product Marketing, Panasas, Inc.

Session 3 - Concurrent Session (select one of two) Geoffrey Noer
Achieving Killer Performance with Storage, Networking and Compute in a NUMA World Part 2.
This talk will demonstrate tools and techniques we use at 60East to achieve greater than 10X performance gains
by designing software with NUMA awareness. In addition, it will highlight incredible performance results of RDMA
and Shared Memory that are beyond anything existing in the market place today.

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum, Founder and CEO, 60East Technologies

Session 4
12-1:00 pm Industry Luncheon for Conference Registrants Terrace Room, Lobby Level. Network with colleagues.
1-1:30 pm Coffee and Dessert Service in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing times.

1:30-2:15 pm Concurrent Sessions (select one of two)

Session 5 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
Managing Change – The Emergence of Cloud, Big Data, and HPC Systems in Major Firms.
The global financial service firms must manage change on a tight budget. Putting Cloud, Big Data and HPC to work efficiently
is the challenge facing Wall Street today. The burgeoning growth of Big Data, the emergence of mobile networks,
and the latest advances in storage, networks and computes are constant. What are big firms doing today?

Moderator: Adam Sussman, Partner, Director of Research, TABB Group
Emile Werr, Vice President & Head of Product Development, NYSE Euronext
David Rukshin, Senior Vice President, D.E. Shaw Group

Session 6 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
Leveraging Open Source Architectures for Large Scale Trading Platform Development in the Age of Cloud, High speed messaging, Workflow and Big Data
Explore a real world case study of a highly intelligent, enterprise wide trading platform that leverages standards based high speed
messaging (for event distribution), complex event processing (for high speed analysis via business rules), ESB for interconnecting
systems and data grid caching. The trade data is then also stored in a cloud based storage pool for retrospective processing
using Hadoop. The solution is also deployed in a OpenStack cloud based architecture.

Vamsi Chemitiganti, Chief Architect - Financial Services, Red Hat

2:15-2:30 pm Coffee Break in the Exhibits Exclusive show viewing time.

2:30-3:15 pm Concurrent Sessions (select one of two)

Session 7 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
High Speed, Trading and Storage, and the Race to Zero Latency. Chips, Switches, Data Centers, Storage Virtualization, Networks, Linux.
HPC Computing in global financial markets mandates putting speed and low latency to work in tandem. The race
to zero latency is the challenge but must be balanced with cost-efficiencies, speed of installation and operation,
and reduced head count in major firms.

Greg Rodgers, Principal Member Technical Staff, AMD, Inc.
Davor Frank, Sr Solutions Architect, Solarflare
Nick Finamore, Altera

Session 8 - Concurrent Session (select one of two)
Big Data Survey: What Major Firms are Doing to Implement Big Data into Their IT Operations – A 2013 Newly Published Survey and Analysis.
Survey results on a 2013 Big Data study will be provided for the first time. With end users spending an average of 25% of their IT budgets on Big Data, demand is fierce for software, hardware and consulting services that let companies process and store giant streams of frequently changing information. In an interactive panel, Wall Street end users and technology vendors will present their views on how they are leveraging HPC technologies to integrate Big Data into financial operations.

Addison Snell
, CEO, Intersect360 Research
Dino Vitale, Director, Morgan Stanley Cross Technology Services
Dave Mooney, Vice President, NetApp
Harvey Stein, Head of Credit Risk Modeling, Bloomberg
Nick Werstiuk, Product Line Executive - Platform Computing, IBM Corporation

3:15-4 pm Beverage Service in the Exhibits Last opportunity for exclusive show viewing.

4 pm Exhibits Conclude. Conference Continues:

4-4:50 pm General Session. Final Session of the Program.
Session 9
Parallel Computing and Next Generation Systems.
Wall Street firms are looking to parallelism and next generation options to increase performance and power efficiencies.
Low Latency and Virtualization for high volume Wall Street trading is at work to save on budgets, power, space,
while increasing performance. This panel will discuss the challenges in industry efficiencies to meet these opportunities.

Moderator: John McCormick, Group Editorial Director, SourceMedia
Peter Lankford, Founder, Director, STAC
Patrick Greene, Financial Service Industry Solution, Hewlett-Packard
Robert Geva, Principal Engineer, Intel
Additional Speakers to be Announced

4 pm Exhibits Conclude. 4:50 pm Conference Concludes

Speakers and programs subject to change.