September 13, 2018 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

2017 Photo Review

Below are some of the photos taken at the 2017 High Performance Computing for Wall Street Show and Conference, held at the Roosevelt Hotel on September 12, 2017, Tuesday. If you would like to view the full set of photos taken, or purchase any of the photos from this event, please visit or contact Michelle Farsi, our photographer at

2017 HPC on Wall Street Conference Welcome by Russell Flagg

Lacee McGee, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Keynote Session Speaker, "Convergence of HPC and BD and it Implication for FSI"

Lacee McGee, Sr Product Manager, FSI Vertical, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Rapt Audience at Keynote Session #1

Note-taking and FSI Focus at 1st Session

Laptops and iPads note-taking were standard in this Capital Market attendee audience

Capital Markets attendees came from major headquarter offices in New York and other Major Cities

Cell phone photos of presentation slides were standard with this techie audience

Attendees ot the conference included senior officers of major corporations

Justin Hodgson, Senior Acct Mgr, Financial Services, NVIDIA, was a featured speaker on the Opening Keynote Session #1

NVIDIA's informative session covered CPU versus GPU

The NVIDIA's keynote session also featured Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Kinetica on the program

Karthik Lalithraj, Principal Solution Architect, Kinetica was on the Opening Keynote Session #1 covering Identifying Terroristic Threat in Real Time

Kinetica employs High Performance Computing for their super-speed, real-time computing of terrorism threats

Ciara / Hypertec Group

BIOS IT / San Francisco and London

Micron / Innovative Memory Solutions

Pure Storage / Cisco

Exhibitor and Capital Markets Attendees Interaction

Pure Storage / Cisco

Rima Alameddine of NVIDIA, one of the featured speakers, greets a colleague at the show.

BIOS IT Global IT Solutions discuss Capital Markets technology

Lenovo Technology discussions at their exhibit

Keynote Session #2 featured speakers from Hewlett Packard and Intel

Featured speakers included Chuck Newman, HP; Charles Milo and Russ Fromkin, Intel

An outstanding panel for Keynote #2 -- Chuck Newman, Charles Milo, Russ Fromkin covering HPC and accelerated technology for Ultra High Speed Trading

Russ Fromkin is Intel's Americas HPC and HPDA Sales Director

Charles Milo is Intel's Enterprise Technical Specialist

The Capital Markets were well represented at the conference, Credit Suisse as an example

An attentive audience at the Hewlett Packard and Intel session

Conference attendees represented major Wall Street firms, banks, international investment organizations

Apstra was showing their new Network Operating System (AOS)

Terasic FPGA Platforms were featured at their busy exhibit

Save-The-Date for 2018 - April 16, 2018 for the next HPC for Wall Street

Terasics exciting display of FPGA systems

Pure Storage demonstrations brought Wall Street IT people to their booth

Mellanox display of ultra high speed server / storage interconnect solutions

Dell EMC was active with their best-in-class HPC technology: applications, data, infrastructure and security

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions connects FPGA, GPUs and servers using PCI Express

Pico featured market data services and customized managed infrastructure solutions

Ciara / Hypertec Group was active in their exhibit

Micron was a Gold Sponsor and had an outstanding session #6 with Brad Spiers, Senior Technology Adivsor as a featured speaker

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel were Gold Sponsor at our 14th Annual

Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise featured accelerated HPC solutions

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise / Intel exhibit was very active during exclusive show viewing times

Show interaction provided face to face discussions and new contacts established for vendor and potential customers

Old friends had the opportunity to network at this efficient one-day event

Lenovo and Intel were well represented at the exhibits and conference

Speakers and exhibitors had time to meet and discuss HPC technology issues for Wall Street and Capital Markets

Dell EMC featured machine-learning and AI in their presentations and conference sessions

Pure Storage discussed data storage solutions with Wall Street IT attendees

CDW had an active location and provided CDW solutions for their new-found friends

Apstra featured Vendor-Agnostic Data Center Network Automation

Harvey Stein of Bloomberg moderated panel Session #3 with Moiz Kohari (State Street), Jeff Birnbaum (60East Technologies), Sean Hafeez (Apstra)

Session #3 was an outstanding program "Outsourcing HPC Infrastructure in the HFT Ecosystem"

Session #3 panelists represented major financial firms of State Street, Bloomberg, 60East, Apstra

Moiz Kohari, State Street, was formerly with the London Stock Exchange

Jeffrey Birnbaum, 60East Technologies, was formerly with Merrill Lynch / Bank of America

Sean Hafeez, Apstra, Director

Aspera and IBM Company was a featured speaker on session #7 -- Jason Warman, Director of Engineering Financial Services, was a panelist

Lenovo had David Weber, Wall Street CTO, as a featured speaker on session 7.

Ciara / Hypertec Group had an active exhibit showing their new 1 Uorion HF.310-G4 High Frequency Server

Dolphin had an active exhibit showing the PCIe Network delivering low latency, simplified approach to sharing and moving PCIe devices between systems

Super Micro was represented in the BIOS IT exhibit

A delicious luncheon was an opportunity to share experiences and meet new Wall Street colleagues

The terrace Ballroom is one of the classic New York venues of our traditional luncheon program

Dessert was served in the exhibits to encourage more network opportunities

Dessert trays were passed throughout the exhibit hall immediately after lunch

Coffee service, soft drinks, cookies, and brownies were all party of the amenities

"Have another" the waiters suggested

Mellanox sponsored Session 5, "High Performance Storage -- Where is it Headed" with Asaf Wachtel of Mellanox the moderator

Asaf Wachtel is VP, Business Development, Mellanox Technologies

Narendra Narang is Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat

Robert Winter is Director Advanced Solution Architecture, Micron Technology

Piyush Chaudhary is Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

Rob Davis was a distinguished panelist on Session 5

Where is HPC Storage Headed -- Panel 6 was extraordinarily received by our Wall Street IT attendees

Network opportunities were at every corner of the HPC event

Mellanox's exhibit was well-received

Lenovo and Intel's exhibit featured servers and storage systems

Micron was a Gold Sponsor and Brad Spiers spoke on session 6, "Accelerate Unchanged Spark Code with FPGAs and SSDs."

Brad Spiers, Senior Technical Advisor, Micron Technology, Inc.

Micron's Presentation covered Machine Learning Infrastructure Progression in Time

Dave Weber, Lenovo, and Wall Street attendees

Micron's booth was busy during the show breaks

BIOS IT with "V Scaler"

Brad Spiers, Micron, speaks to a group of colleagues after his presentation at Session 6

Andy Bach, Senior Technology Advisor, Pico Trading, was a featured speaker on Session 7

Andy Bach covered Technology Network Trend Processing Speed

Matt Cushman also spoke on Session 6 -- Matt is CEO of Engineers Gate Market Technologies

Engineers Gate, founded in 2014, a multi-manager trading platform

Ed Turkel, Dell EMC, moderated the last panel of the day and focused on HPC in today's FinTech world

Ed Turkey is HPC Strategist, Dell EMC, and his presentation illustrated the depth of HPC in the financial market

Rima Alameddine of NVIDIA is their VP Eastern Region and discussed "AI Will Revolutionize Every Industry"

Rima Alameddine was a persuasive and well-received speaker

Jason Warman is a Director of Engineering Financial Services, Aspera, an IBM company

"Business Challenges" slide by Aspera

Dave Weber, Wall Street CTO, Lenovo

Lenovo's slide "The Modern IT Infrastructure Challenge," presented by Dave Weber

A well-deserved coffee break to end the day's events