May 18-19, 2016 | Meadowlands Expo Center, Secaucus, NJ

2016 New Jersey Accounting, Business & Technology Show

The 22nd annual largest meeting of CPAs in New Jersey each year

2015 Photo Review

Below are some of the photos taken at the 2014 NJ Accounting, Business & Technology Show & Conference, held at the Meadowlands Expo Center May 13-14, 2015.

If you would like to view the full set of photos taken, or purchase any of the photos from this event, please contact Michelle Farsi, our photographer at

Russell Flagg welcome to The 22nd annual

Rick Richardson keynote 8am May 32

Rick Richardson's new technology program

A full house for CPAs from all over New Jersey

Rick's briefing on all new technology

CPA's attendees came for the CPE program and the exhibits

Attendance included large, medium, and small CPA practices and private business

Managing CPA partners were in attencance

Laptops, phones, and aPDAs were in use throughout the CPE sessions and show

CPA's also attended from Washington, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachussetts, Rhode Island

The show opened at 9:40am at the conclusion of the keynote CPE session







Otto Message

Platinum FIlings


Intuit QuickBooks

MB Raimondi of Intuit QuickBooks

Cost Segregation Services

Taxpayer Advocate Service

TPS Practice Management


Pramsform, Inc

Interaction with attendees and exhibitor

Accounting Practice Sales

Accumera, LLC


AON-AICPA Member Insurance

Thomson Reuters

Eastern Datacom


GetSetNet - Website Developer

The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Laptops, PDA, iPhones were the CPAs constant companion

Commerce Magazie



DST Retirement Solutions


CPA's covered the show floor to see new and existing vendors and friends



Office Tools

Office Tools

Dun & Bradstreet


Institute of Management Accountants


BMI/Sapphire CSP

Business Machine Tech

Inner PC

Xtel Communications

Intuit QuickBooks


Taxpayer Advocate Service

The Progressive Accountant





Ameriprise Financial

Xtel Communications

Intuit QuickBooks


Biz Bench

Future Financial Planners

Perkaroma Green Mountain Coffee

Zen Payroll


CPA's want to advise their clients on wealth management and finanical services

Intuit QuickBooks was active the whole day

Sandra Johnson, CPA, at her CPE session, "Show Me the Money."

Sandra's session was lively and informative with CPAs actively engaged in her program

Great questions and answers session in Sandra Johnson's CPE session

ACE IT Solutions

Doug Sleeter's CPE session "What is Your Value?" was dynamic and focused on CPA practice management

Doug Sleeter's CPE Session

Audience rapt attention to Doug Sleeter's session.

Audience reaction to the Sleeter, CPE session


Future Financial Planners

Gravity Software

Otto Message Services

CPA Site Solutions

Accumera, LLC

The CPA Practice Advisors

Future Financial Planners

QuickBooks Best Practices

Ameriprise Financial

Cost Segregation Services, Inc.

NJ Biz

Accumera, LLC


Gail Perry, Editor-in-Chief, the CPA Practice Advisor, introduces the Intuit QuickBooks CPE session speaker, MB Raimondi

MB Raimondi, QuickBooks expert and CEP session leader

QuickBooks CPE, "Best Practices," session

Wolters Kluwer

Brian Siet, Wolters Kluwer CPE speaker, covering, "Winning the Competitive Landscape to Maximize Growth"

Brian Siet's CPE Audience was active and attentive to his program

Brian Siet program was extremely well-received

Great activity during the full-day show

Zen Payroll

AON Aicpa Insurance

Joel Naroff's CPE session covered hte New Jersey, the Federal, and the global economic issues

Joel's CPE session,t he last session of the day, was a full house of CPAs.

Joel's CEP session was insightful and informative for the CPAs in attendance

Free coffee was served throughout the day.