The 2013 4th Annual SEFCON IV, Monday, Nov 18, Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station, New York.

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Presented by

The Wholesale Markets Brokers' Association Americas

4th Annual, Monday, November 18, 2013,
Grand Hyatt Hotel at Grand Central Station, New York, NY

2013 Conference Photos

Below are the photos taken at the 2013 SEFCON IV Conference, held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tuesday, Nov 18. To view the photos for the Sefcon IV event click the link below.

To purchase any of the photos from this event, please contact Michelle Farsi,

2013 Conference / Exhibits

Fourth SEFCON Welcome Sign

Chris Ferreri -- Conference Chair Welcome

Shawn Bernardo -- Chairman WMBAA

Gary Gensler, Chairman, CFTC Keynote Speaker

Gary Gensler's Major Presentation

Gary Gensler's Keynote -- Q&A from the Audience

Audience Note-taking on iPad

Another speaker in the audience for Gensler's Keynote presentation

Gary Gensler takes Q&A from audience

Audience Reaction

Q&A from the audience

Chris Ferreri introduces each session and panel

SEF Technology Panel with Scott O'Malia CFTC Commissioner as moderator

Scott O'Malia moderate the SEF Technology Panel

Scott O'Malia's CFTC Data Requests

Scott O'Malia and Assembled Audience

SEF Technology Panel with major speakers from SEF firms

Audience Reaction

Richard McVey -- Market Axess

Standing Room only at this first SEFCON panel

Another speaker attends the opening SEF tech panel

Mike Dunn -- former CFTC commissioner and Scott Fitzpatrick, Tradition

The press was reporting new SEFCON stories at the conference

A full house of Wall Street and global financial executives were in attendance at SEFCON

A question from Dexter Senft, Morgan Stanley

Applause for the opening SEF Tech panel

View from the Hill with Jim Himes, U.S. Congressman (D-CT) and Micah Green, Partner, Patton Boggs

Jim Himes shares his views and experience in the United States Congress and the Dodd Frank legislation

Standing Room Only for this important session

Top executives from around the world were in attendance

Attentive SEF and financial officials were at this sold out conference

Questions from the audience about U.S. Government legislation on Swaps

More questions on Dodd-Frank

Well-earned applause from the View from the Hill panel

Stephen Merkel, BGC Partners, announces the Cross Border panel

The Cross Border panel is moderated by Jeff Hogan, BGC Partners

Jeff Hogan

A smiling audience reaction

Jacqueline Mesa, FIA

Standing room only for this important Cross Border session

Audience Reaction

More chairs were needed for the overflow crowd

Alex McDonald and Keith Bailey, panelists

Applause for the Cross Border session

Audience appreciation for the session

New Market Structure Session

Introduction of Jim Toffey, GFI Group

Sharon Brown-Hruska, NERA

Dexter Senft, Morgan Stanley

Notetaking on a computer

Jeff Maron, Markit

Paul Bauerschmidt, CME Group

Jon Williams, TradeWeb

Applause for the New Market Structure Panel

View from the Press Box panel, Kevin McPartland, Greenwich Assoc.

Telis Demos, Wall Street Journal

Audience focus on Press and its role in global markets

SEFCON press panel discusses recent press coverage on Dodd Frank regulations

Afternoon Exhibit Break with exclusive viewing time

SEF Rules Panel

Mike Dunn, Former CFTC Commissioner, Moderator of SEF Rules panel

Mike Dunn discusses Dodd Frank legislation and its regulations relating to Swaps Execution Facilities

Rick Shilts, Former CFTC Director of Market Oversight

Michael Phillip, Lewis & Bockius

Greg Compa, ICAP Compliance Officer

Melissa Slade, PWC

Jane Croessman, NFA

Andrew Kayiira, ISDA

Scott Fitzpatrick, Tradition, concluding remarks

Networking Reception

Delicious hor d'oervres and networking opportunities concluded the day's program

Friends gathered at the reception

Discussions at the reception

The Grand Hyatt Hotel hosted the entire day's program

Wine and the day's intensive program mixed well after the sessions concluded

Business friends met again

Exhibitors and attendees socialized

Discussions continued on the day's topics

More discussions on SEFCON

The reception hall was filled with exhibitors and conferees

Chris Ferreri, Conference Chair and friends



Serious discussions continued during the luncheon


Tera Exchange


CME Group




Real time ICAP online demonstrations

The exhibit ballroom was packed



Shawn Bernardo, Chairman, WMBAA, discusses Tullet Prebon in the exhibit ballroom

Technology for Swaps Execution Facilities was the hot topic of discussion at the exhibits


Exhibits were open at 8am for coffee and a congenial welcome


SEFCON registration

Badges for Conference Pickpus

A cordial and friendly discussion over coffee service in the exhibits



Jeff Maron, Markit, speaking with Ivy Schmerken of Wall Street & Technology Publication



Market Axess


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